Elzetta Charlie 1350 Lumen Tactical Light

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The Elzetta Charlie series of tactical lights may have a funny name but they are dead serious tactical lights worthy of your hard earned money. These lights are made in Kentucky, USA and have been found to be virtually indestructible.

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Elzetta Charlie 1350 Lumen Tactical Light

Elzetta Charlie:

The Elzetta Charlie series of tactical lights may have a funny name but they are dead serious tactical lights worthy of your hard earned money. These lights are made in Kentucky, USA and have been found to be virtually indestructible. The quality of the LED, lenses and body components are what set these lights apart. We highly recommend the high/low option* as it is the only high/low tailcap that we have found to be appropriate for military and law enforcement applications.

Looking for an EDC Light? Try out the new Elzetta G-Line of rechargeable EDC lights here.

  • Elzetta Charlie is Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Rock solid 6061 T6 Aluminum Construction
  • Fully Potted Electronics
  • MIL-SPEC TYPE III Hard Anodized
  • 3 Lithium 123A Included
  • Optical Beam Projection
  • Water Proof to 10 Meters

Run Time:

  • 1350 lumen run time is 1 hour 30 min (Beam range is approximately 220 meters) Also consider the Elzetta Bravo Here
  • 30 lumen run time is 50 hours (Only available with High/Low Tail Cap)*

Tail Cap Options:

  • On/Of
  • Twist
  • High/Low*
  • High/Strobe
  • 6″ Tape Switch
  • 12″ Tap Switch

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*Elzetta high/low tail caps are appropriate for MIL/LE use as they utilize a twist method for adjusting output. There are no double clicks or other potentially hazardous steps in order to adjust output. In the case of the Elzetta Charlie, the user can adjust output from 30-900 lumens or any output in between by simply twisting the tail cap and clicking for on/off.

Tail Cap

On/Off, High/Low, Strobe, Rotary, Pressure Switch 5", Pressure Switch 12"


Crenellated, Standard


Standard, Flood

5 reviews for Elzetta Charlie 1350 Lumen Tactical Light

  1. Mike Duff

    I have become a big fan of ElZetta lights! Quality and Craftsmanship are top tier. Being able to ‘design’ your own light is significant. Modular means you can have extra bodies, swap lamps, lenses, or tail caps to make different lights. We all have different needs based on our missions. Take a minute to understand the different tail cap options before you order.

    TAIL CAP FEATURES: I have a surefire fury 2 (1,000 lumens) but I do not like the low/hi feature. Low-Hi is great to allow subtle navigation up to a target followed by blinding, fighting light inside. I do not like how most require a ‘double tap’ which is easy to foul up under stress. ElZetta has a brilliant design where you can ‘turn down’ the secondary feature (strobe or low) and click straight to high – your emergency requirement.

    LIGHT QUALITY: We all shop based on lumens but quality of light is harder to market with numbers. I prefer the ElZetta quality of light to any other brand. It is a more ‘natural’ looking light and the transition from the spot to the spill is not as harsh. I find it more useful for target identification throughout the range of the working area of the light.

    STANDARD v FLOOD: If you compare lights of the same lumen output for ‘brightness’ at a given distance, you must realize a standard beam looks brighter than a flood beam. A spare $20 changes the light dramatically as you change from flood to standard lens.
    WARNING: I bought a mini-cqb for my Patrol Rifle. I was so taken by the quality of ElZetta construction and the light quality, I bought a complete Bravo and a spare Charlie body. A spare body is a great way to have multiple high end lights at a fraction of the cost.
    ADDICTION: Having a spare body is like having an extra AR lower (Build-Temptation). I now own all four ElZettas with a mount to put the Bravo in my rifle for long range low light.

    me: 32 year LEO, Firearms Instructor with SWAT & Narc Experience. Instructor at a regional Texas Police Academy, owner of firearms and tactical training business.

  2. Red (verified owner)

    I purchased the Elzetta Charlie as a lighting solution for a house gun. I wanted a light that would light up a room or small hallway sufficiently to identify anyone in it without pointing the light / weapon at them. It is performing as I hoped. And thank you Megiddo for your wonderful customer service.

  3. Shawn (verified owner)

    Tough as nails light and very bright, will last a lifetime.

  4. Steve Salyi

    Perfect light all around ! Tough tough tough ! This replaced my surefire p3x fury ! 900 REAL LUMENS that Lights up the night with a clear , solid beam! Recommend this and any other elzettas !

  5. Wilbur Lane (verified owner)

    Worth every penny.

  6. Admin

    Thanks for the reviews! Much appreciated

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