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Our MTG 3 Slot MTG MLOK Rail Covers are injection molded from glass reinforced polymer (PA66) and will withstand the high heat and beating required to protect your hands and your rifle.  The M-LOK covers’s five lateral grooves provide proper grip while not interfering with the manipulation of your rifle. 

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MTG 3 Slot MLOK Rail Covers

Our very own MTG 3 Slot MLOK Rail Covers are available in two pack configurations.  The MTG M LOK Rail Covers are one of the very first tactical rail covers designed for the Magpul M-LOK platform and our customers love their low profile and non slip grip surface!

Get a free pack of MTG 3 Slot M LOK Rail Covers when you buy a BCM MCMR aluminum M LOK slim hand guard.

The MTG or Megiddo M LOK Rail Covers are thin and just wide enough to provide the perfect balance between heat protection and bulk or lack there off. The M LOK Covers are made from injection moulded glass reinforced polymer that is stiff and strong enough to take the required beating. The heat properties are also substantial and the M LOK rail covers will take any heat your rifle can throw at them.

The MTG MLOK Rail Covers are light and have a smooth texture that incorporated grip channels. We believe that they offer the best of both worlds and we challenge you to find a better set of MLOK Rail Covers at this price for your hand guard!

We currently offer the MTG M LOK Rail Covers in one type of configuration. Than being a three slot one piece configuration that allows placement directly onto your M-LOK handguard via two Magpul M-LOk T-Nuts. Color options currently are limited to black and additional color options will be added as demand requires. Simply use the chat button anywhere in the online shop and let us know what color you would like. We did have a good response from our FDE option but it was applied by a third party and was not up to spec.

The MTG 3 Slot M-LOK Rail Covers are not compatible with AR keymod, picatinny rails or any other non M LOK mounting systems and hanguards.

MTG M LOK Rail Cover History:

It seems so long ago now but there used to be a battle ragging over the next weapon accessory mounting system. At the time, the picatinny rail was king and and two new systems of mounting weapon accessories were fighting for supremacy, Keymod and M-LOK. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out which one was going to last and and which one was going to die with a whimper…….

After testing both platforms for our sister site,, we quickly saw that keymod accessories had two problems: A lack of recoil lugs and the fact that the key hole orientation was pointed the wrong direction which allowed recoil forces to move the attached accessory towards the win end of the key, thus loosening the accessory not tightening it.
Z germans at H&K saw this problem and you will notice all their hand guards feature a reverse keyhole design when you install accessories on their system.
We did not see any of these problems with Magpul Industries M-LOK system and decided to design our own magpul grip kit.
Originally our rail covers models were CNC machined using G-10 canvas material and you will still see them on social media featuring a wood grain type look. The covers were available in several sizes including single slot, double slot and up to 5 slot in some instances.

The G-10 canvas provided a great grip similar to that found on many knife handles and hatchets available today. The main problem was cost, as a set would run approximately $30-40 depending on the configuration.
We even private labeled them for X-Porducts and we continue to offer a custom branding service for companies interested.
Our New MTG M-LOK Covers are now injection molded from glass reinforced polymer (PA66) which allowed us to substantially lower the cost and strike a balance between cost and quality. The new PA66 grips are still able to withstand the high heat and beating required to protect your hands and your rifle.

So, why Choose the MTG M-LOK Rail Covers?

The MTG M-LOK Rail Covers were designed to provide the perfect balance between protection, grip and comfort without adding weight or bulk.  The results are that Meggido M-LOK panels are wider than most currently on the market but their convex design allows them to fit to your hand in an extremely comfortable way.   The M-LOK panel’s five lateral grooves provide proper grip while not interfering with the manipulation of your rifle. The Megiddo 3 Slot M-LOK Covers are designed to install easily and disappear on your rifle not be the focus of attention on your gun.

MTG 3 Slot M-LOK Rail Cover SPECS:

Each set of MTG 3 Slot M-LOK panels come with all hardware and tools necessary to mount them on your M-LOK equipped hand guard.
Injection molded heat resistant glass reenforced polymer (PA66 )
Heat resistant up to 600-700 degrees for short periods
Chemical resistant
Impact resistant
Colors: Black, Coyote CERAKOTE,
Size approximately 4.75″ (3 M-LOK Slots)
Individually packaged in clear bag with hanger hole
Designed and field tested by current law enforcement and military professionals

What is included:

(2) Pieces 3 Slot Megiddo M-LOK Rail Covers
(4) M-LOK Bolts and T-nuts
(1) Allen Wrench

Dealer inquires welcome

Read our customer first return policy here and be sure to check out the product reviews.

The Megiddo 3 Slot M-LOK Panels are manufactured for MTG by Iron Fist Group.

Dealer inquires welcome Read our customer first return policy here and be sure to check out the product reviews. The Megiddo 3 Slot M-LOK Panels are manufactured for MTG by Iron Fist Group using both imported and USA made components.



18 reviews for MTG 3 Slot MLOK Rail Covers

  1. Eric

    Amazing quality, fit, & finish! I have an SBR so I was a little wary of the four slot so opted for these. They do not add a lot of thickness to the rail so no worries there. Comfortable to hold and amazing to visual addition to your M-LOK rail!

  2. Anonymous

    Looks and feels great. Install is simple. Much better feel than bare rail but not so thick you can’t still get a good grip.

  3. Anonymous

    Great fit and finish. Install was easy. Feels much better than a bare rail but thin enough not to compromise grip.

  4. Ghost doctor.

    Installed these in 5 minutes, these are high quality rail panels, fits and looks great. Wont scratch your rifle when installing or removing like some of the junk sold elsewhere. Would buy again.

  5. Gary Ernest (verified owner)

    Mounted on my AR10. Installs quickly, feels great. Can’t wait to run the rifle with them installed. Will definitely get more for my other rifles

  6. Admin

    Thanks for the feedback Gary!

  7. lee (verified owner)

    Awesome grips. I purchased my first set of 4 slot Megiddo grips over 5 years ago. Best grips on the market! I have 9 sets now and i’m extremely happy with all of them. Fit and function, and they look great. I also enjoy supporting a true American company like MTG

  8. Kirk Hodges (verified owner)

    I’ve researched, purchased, and used several brands and types of rail covers. Best ones are very costly until now. While these are not inexpensive they are fairly priced for the excellent quality, fit, and finish. And looks, outstanding looks. Will be purchasing more.

  9. Brandon (verified owner)

    Great quality. Thin & lightweight. Exactly what I was looking for.

  10. Charlie (verified owner)

    Great communication and customer service got a phone call the day after I placed my order to explain when they’d be shipped and letting me know it would take a few days. Will couldn’t have been nicer and the product is high quality, pretty comparable to g10 quality just different texture.

  11. Cameron Blackburn (verified owner)

    VERY happy with this purchase. Sturdy fit, good heat protection, good grip, and they look super slick on my rifle. Will choose these rail covers over the competitors I have tried any day.

  12. Daniel Hill (verified owner)

    These rail covers are awesome. Great feel, solid grip, and attach easily. My only suggestion would be to use slightly shorter screws if possible (or at least provide them as an option). The screws when attached to my PSA-15 10.5” guard rail touch either the barrel or gas block depending on position when tightened down. While it likely won’t do much as they’re barely touching, it would definitely make me feel better about it with shorter screws. Regardless, I definitely recommend these!

  13. Joseph Skidmore (verified owner)

    Wider than competitors, and better fastener spacing. A well molded part, with no warp or twist. Sold in pairs, which was exactly what I needed. Very reasonable and quick flat rate shipping.

  14. Alex Lawson (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase. These are well-made and sturdy rail covers that look great. The fit is good and low-profile. Install was a breeze. Comes with installation directions for those starting out.

  15. MackD

    What a great value. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Well made, fit like a glove. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for offering these to the masses!

  16. Jim (verified owner)

    Fantastic panels. Quality made, fit/finish/function are just what the doctor ordered. Perfect! Thank you.

  17. Penn (verified owner)

    When it comes to M-Loc handguard accessories, MTG’s three slot rail covers hit the ever-so-rare qualities of being both functional & aesthetically pleasing. Add to that: light weight & comfortable to grip. We got us a winner here folks. Sure to pickup more. Strongly recommend.

  18. Scott Kennedy (verified owner)

    I have to say that my expectations were exceeded regarding the quality, form, and function of these grip panels. They feel and look great. I will definitely be buying more.

  19. Scott

    Very nice! Good hand grip for the free float rail on my ruger ar 556

  20. Robert Burrows (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with these rail covers. I did 4 guns for basically the price of what 1 would cost, and they look and fit great!!

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