Megiddo Tactical Group

Based in Billings, MT USA

Tactical Gear, Holsters and Flashlights

The MTG Tactical Team

MTG Tactical is a super small, online tactical gear store run by a husband/wife team and close friend Mike. Our operations consist of developing in-house tactical products as well as selling a range of Chase Tactical gear, Elzetta flashlights and C&G Holsters.

Trust, Communication and Honor…….These are the principles we stand by at Meggido Tactical Group

MTG Mike



Mike is an IT professional by trade and an avid shooter/tactical training enthusiasts.

Mike was originally an MTG Tactical customer and volunteered two years worth of crucial help with MTG Tactical’s IT infrastructure at a time when it was “make or break”.

He is now an owner and handles IT and external shipping

MTG Team Karine



Karine is Will’s wife and better half! Karine handles the accounting/bookkeeping and runs her own company War Bricks USA which focuses on the COBI Bricks (made in Europe) brand of lego compatible Military Brick Sets.

In addition to MTG Tactical and, Karine is a full time homeschool mom.

Pretty much superwoman!

MTG Tactical Will



Will is a former Border Patrol Agent and
HSI/DEA Task Force Agent as well as the owner/editor of, a tactical review blog.

Will’s passion for all things tactical led to the founding of MTG Tactical.

Will handles in house shipping and general business duties from the Billings, Montana home business office.

About the Brand…

MTG Holsters

Megiddo Tactical Group is a “former” law enforcement owned and operated online store serving the tactical needs of military, law enforcement and civilian patriots.  

We offer a focused line of tactical gear from Chase Tactical as well as hand picked products from C&G holsters and Elzetta Lights.

In addition to offering great products from our partners, Megiddo Tactical Group develops it’s own products to fill needs within the tactical community.

Where we are located:

We are located in Billings, Mt. We are an online company so we do not operate a store front.

PO Box 80065 Billings, MT 59108

About the name:

The name “Megiddo” comes from an ancient mountain fortress in Israel.  Tel Megiddo, as it is named, is strategically  located to protect a pass through the Carmel Ridge overlooking the Jezreel Valley from the west. You are most likely familiar with the Greek translation of Megiddo which is Armageddon.

In the book of Revelation, Megiddo aka “Armageddon” is the location of the last battle. 

Furthermore, as a U.S based business, we want to show our support for the people of Israel who have always been allies of the United States!

You can read more about Tel Megiddo here:

Family of Brands

Mike’s FFL Site

Black Sheep Warrior 3x2 Die Cut Decal

Will’s Tactical Blog

Karine’s Military Brick Store

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