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About Us


Megiddo Tactical Group is a current law enforcement owned and operated online store serving the tactical needs of military, law enforcement and civilian patriots.  

We offer an extensive line of tactical gear and firearm accessories ranging from optics, tactical flashlights, to clothing and safety gear.

In addition to offering great products from hundreds of reputable brands, Megiddo Tactical Group develops it’s own products to fill needs within the tactical community.

We know you have many choices when searching for tactical products, so what sets us apart from the competition?

In two words…. customer service! We are reachable by phone and email and we communicate with our customers.

Our Passion:

Here at Megiddo Tactical Group we are passionate about serving our customers and building relationships. Smart businesses focus on relationships and not just the bottom line.

We take great pride in supplying  MIL/LE professionals and civilian patriots with the best tactical gear available. 

Where we are located:

We are located in Billings, Mt. We are an online company so we do not operate a store front.

PO Box 80065 Billings, MT 59108

About the name:

The name “Megiddo” comes from an ancient mountain fortress in Israel.  Tel Megiddo, as it is named, is strategically  located to protect a pass through the Carmel Ridge overlooking the Jezreel Valley from the west. You are most likely familiar with the Greek translation of Megiddo which is Armageddon.

In the book of Revelation, Megiddo aka “Armageddon” is the location of the last battle. 

Furthermore, as a U.S based business, we want to show our support for the people of Israel who have always been allies of the United States!

You can read more about Tel Megiddo here:

MTG Holsters

Sig Alpha Hunting 30mm Rings
Sig Alpha Hunting 30mm Rings Low Black
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Black Covert Plate Carrier
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WARRIOR ASSAULT SYSTEMS Covert Plate Carrier + 1 Item
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Disruptive Combat pants coyote
Disruptive Combat Pant
Bought by Kenneth from Custer
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Chase Tactical BUMP Helmet Multicam
Bought by Alison from Oakland
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Disruptive Combat pants coyote
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Disruptive Pants (Defective) + 1 Item
Bought by whitney from Nashville
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