The Best Tactical Gear Brands in the Business

Tactical gear and clothing brands come and go, but a few have the lasting power to make a real difference in the world of weapons and defense. It’s those brands that have stood the test of time and impact that make it onto the list of Megiddo Tactical Group (MTG)’s brands.

Each company whose items we carry has any of a mix of history in service to the country, experience in tactical gear manufacturing and distribution, and a stellar record of quality products.

Often, tactical gear companies specialize in a product or two so they can spend their research and development efforts and dollars creating the optimal product. When you shop by brand, you can come to know what to expect.

Some brands offer superior performance for certain item types, but you may prefer another brand for another piece of equipment. Megiddo Tactical Group makes it easy to switch between the two; you can navigate our brands through our brand pages, or you can use our search tool to find branded products to your liking.

Review your cart before your checkout to make sure you’re ordering the brands you like. You may even be able to get an awesome deal using our Request a Quote feature.

How Does Megiddo Tactical Group Choose Brands?

The brands we stock are numerous, but that doesn’t mean we cut corners or make exceptions when choosing whose items we want to carry. When vetting brands, we look at:

  • Company History – We always ask ourselves about the roots of a company and how well their goals align with our own. Knowing a company’s history is indicative of its future, so we get to know our brands deeply.
  • Quality of Items – Of course, we can’t send low-quality items to our customers. We have to be sure that the tactical brands we tout as the top can deliver on their promises with durable materials that look and perform perfectly.
  • Customer Feedback – Our customers spend the most time with these products, and they always put them to the test. We look at how customers use the tactical gear and clothing brands we choose and what they think of the goods they buy.

If a tactical gear brand passes all the tests, we start looking at how our customers can benefit from their products. It’s a rigorous process, but it keeps our customers happy and our stock flying off the shelves!

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