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Speedbox… is engineered to take the misery out of mobilization, optimized for 463-L pallet fit, made to be the envy of every loadmaster, built to withstand the toughest deployment, and ready to go when you are. It’s fast. It’s easy. Load out in less than ten minutes.

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Let’s face it, palletizing and getting your kit airborne and to safety is miserable work. Packing heavy and expensive weapons, mounts, batteries, ammo, radios, etc. into bins and boxes made for nonspecific civilian applications and stacking them on a 463-L pallet is inefficient, unstable, and risks that ill-fated Loadmaster command, “Repack!” And once you’re there, unloading and getting it where you need it quickly is awkward and labor-intensive at best. There’s got to be a better way!


Speedbox—the ten-minute mobilization system. Our rugged, roto-molded containers are lightweight, lockable, wind and waterproof, buoyant, shatter resistant, and stronger than most metals. Each capable of holding 300 lbs., Speedboxes stack and interlock to maximize secure space on a 463-L pallet. On the ground, users extend the handle to roll one Speedbox in each hand, on heavy-duty, no-flat, off-road wheel/tire assemblies. Speedbox takes the pain out of palletizing.

Speedbox 10 Minute Mobilization System Features

Big and Sturdy

Speedbox is a roto-molded polymer container with integral lid that is shatter resistant and stronger than most metals. There’s not a better material to protect your kit. Each single-wall Speedbox weighs 50 lbs. and provides 13.8 cubic feet of space to hold up to 300 lbs.

Stackable and Interlocking System

Designed and constructed to work modularly, each Speedbox nests with the one above, below and next to it, creating a perfectly maximized, loaded-out 463-L pallet and guaranteeing a first-time “go” flight inspection. Stabilizing tethers of 3/8-inch rope are standard on each Speedbox and make interlocking quick and easy.

No-Flat, Off-Road Tires

Ten-inch polyurethane tires eliminate any chance of a flat tire, because they are solid material—no air inside. Their size and tread ensure performance from any drop zone or HLZ and heavy-duty ball bearings with grease fittings on a 5/8-inch axle support a 300 lb. load. The best tire to get your stuff where it needs to go!

Never-Fail Handle System

The heavy-duty, fixed handle rotates to an ergonomically efficient grip and angle for optimal leverage in pulling one Speedbox in each hand. The never-fail handle system is made of two solid 3/4-inch aluminum rods, a 2-lb. solid aluminum locking block, and an angle iron to reinforce the major stress point.

Speedbox T handle

T-Handle Keyed Lock

Security is built into every Speedbox by way of a die-cast T-handle keyed lock. The cam-style mechanism is compact and one of the most secure solutions in the industry.

Water-tight, Air-tight Protection with Drain

Speedbox has a built-in gasket around the top wall creating an airtight and watertight seal. A simple air/water bleed valve, which doubles as a drain, is cast into the bottom to equalize the atmospheric conditions inside and out, and enabling Speedbox to hold water or ice, if needed.

Stabilizing Tethers

A 3/8-inch rope handle with cushioned grip is standard on each Speedbox. Great for hauling, it also doubles as a secure interlock between units, providing maximum stability in transit—on a pallet, jinga truck, or rotary wing A/C.

Ratchet Strap Slots

At the front and back of each Speedbox are slots that receive ratchet straps and allow unobstructed access to contents of units even while straps are fastened in place.

Heavy-Duty, Hinged Lid

The lid is double-walled for strength and durability. Its reverse-cup design applies geometry to the underside for extra strength and creates an air cavity for insulation. A built-in gasket provides an air/water-tight seal.

Heavy-Duty, Compression Latches

One is none and two is one. Two compression latches back up the main T-handle lock and ensure a good seal between the body and the lid. Kit in. Water out.

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