Promag 18 Round Mag For Glock 44 22LR

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These 18 round magazines are an aftermarket high capacity mag for the Glock 44 and are a great upgrade for any shooter.  They are made in the USA and extremely affordable.

ProMag has a lifetime warranty contact them directly with issues!

ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS to MTG. .22 is finicky.

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Promag 18 Round Mag For Glock 44 22LR

ProMag has a lifetime warranty contact them directly with issues!

ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS to MTG. .22 is finicky.

The Promag 18 Round Mag For Glock 44 22LR is an aftermarket high capacity mag for the Glock 44 which is a Glock 19 clone.  It holds 18 rounds of .22LR ammunition and is the perfect upgrade for your Glock 44!

Please remember that these are .22 magazines for the Glock 44. .22 ammo is notoriously finicky so please be aware that the gun, ammo and placement of the ammo in the mags can impact the end result.  We have personally used these mags and found that they cycle fine but some guns will only run them with 15 rounds in the mag.

Glock 44 18 Round Magazines by Promag

These magazines were made for all types of shooters and machined from high strength polymer.  Whether you are plinking, competition shooting or law enforcement, these magazines are an easily affordable and quality upgrade.

  • 18-round magazine
  • Fits Glock® Model 44 .22 LR
  • Magazine body constructed of a proprietary DuPont™ Zytel® based polymer
  • Injection molded magazine follower
  • Spring is made from heat treated Chrome-silicon wire
  • Works with the CSM Speed Loader here (sold separately)
  • Made in USA

ProMag has a lifetime warranty! If you have issues with your mags please contact them directly for warranty replacement. We will not accept or refund.   If you wish to test them we advise only ordering 1 magazine. 

Also consider the CSM Speed loader for Glock 44 Promag here.

Do this mags work as well as Glock OEM Mags?

In our testing we have not seen a difference between the two. Please remember that .22 is finicky and each gun is different. An example is that the owners Glock 44 shot 6″ high until he replaced the OEM barrel with the OEM threaded barrel. If you have issues try loading the mag with only 15 rounds.

Some reviews say the thumb buttons are smaller and hurt?

Yes, the Glock 44 Promags do have smaller thumb buttons that when combined with the harder spring do make it less fun to load. This is why we also sell a handy speed loader (link above the pics)

If they don’t feed well with my gun can I return them to you?

No, these are a very small margin item and returns are handled differently due to the fact that we cannot be responsible for all the variables posed by .22 ammo types, guns etc. Promag will exchange the mags under their warranty. We recommend only buying one mag to test the quality.  This policy was implement after we found a zero failure rate in all returned mags when run using off the shelf ammo through our Glock 44.
Read our customer first return policy here and be sure to check out the product reviews.
Made by ProMag
Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 1.50 × 1.10 in

22, LR




44, Glock







13 reviews for Promag 18 Round Mag For Glock 44 22LR

  1. Michael P Bassi (verified owner)

    Product came quickly and fits gun perfectly

  2. Chris Dotye (verified owner)

    Great seller item shipped fast. 18 round mag for the Glock 44 ran good, but only when it was loaded with 15 or 16 rounds. Still a good buy for the range. These magazines fed a variety of ammo except Remington Golden bullets would not run at all. FYI my Glock 44 runs flawlessly on bulk Browning BPR .

  3. Admin

    That’s really helpful thanks!

  4. Amanda R (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to shoot with them yet, but they fit my g44 great and release like they should. The springs are stiff, so it’s hard to load to full capacity, but you can. If the loading assist grips were bigger, like the stock mags it would be better

  5. Billy (verified owner)

    Works great and great customer service

  6. Jeff L (verified owner)

    Bought 3 of these to try with my Glock 44, experienced misfeeds/jams with all 3 the first time out. 2nd trip I tried loading only 16 rounds and it seemed to work better, but still the occasional misfeed. I have never had a misfeed with a factory 10 round mag. They aren’t as easy to load a the factory mag.

  7. Jeff Hamlin (verified owner)

    Great fit and work great. If loading 18 rounds have to load them very carefully otherwise they will jam a bit and misfeed. I ran all 4 of the mags just loading 15 and they ran flawlessly and was way better than the 10 round mags. I ordered one of those from MTG and there was a inventory problem. MTG made it right and was very easy to work with sent me 2 extra pro mags instead of the 10 round oem mag and some free swag. Great mags and great company!!

  8. Tomas Grande (verified owner)

    Great magazine. I would highly recommend. Feeds great and absolutely no issues.

  9. Michael A Klingensmith (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and work great! I think as good as OEM mag. Going to purchase another!

  10. James (verified owner)

    You have to be careful loading, so that lip of the round you’re inserting goes in front of the previous round. I’ve noticed that the rounds won’t double-stack every time, so when loading you also have to press with a little angled forced alternating left and right to get the rounds to stack correctly.

    On some of the magazines purchased, the follower was a little too big and would jam against the inside of the magazine. Im sure with use they will wear a bit and load more reliably. As others have stated, I’ve noticed an improvement by only loading 15 rounds instead of 18.

    Promags have always been hit or miss. Im sure with use and a bit of tuning they will begin to load better. Also, as with any 22lr, the cheaper the ammo, the more issues. Remington bulk is very dirty and seems to load/eject the worst.

  11. Admin

    Thanks for taking the time to leave quality feedback!

  12. Michael A Klingensmith (verified owner)

    Loved my first one so much that I bought a second one, this time with the speed loader. What a great combination!

  13. tom sanders (verified owner)

    I can only get 15 to 16 in the mag, even with the assistance of a loader. Have to load carefully and you will have no problems shooting. Check out the you tube videos, they show have to rap the mag to properly line up the cartridges.

  14. Clay (verified owner)

    The same issue that others are having in regards to jamming when the magazine is filled to its max. I mean, we are talking about .22LR so expectations are not that high in the first place. We’ll see if there is a breaking in period and if they perform better after time.

  15. Ken (verified owner)

    Bought several of these 18 rd mags. So far (350 rounds of Winchester bulk), they work just as well as the factory 10 round. Yes the buttons are small and the springs really stout! I do recommend the optional mag loader. I only gave 4 stars because one of the small buttons on one mag broke off the first time I loaded it. Will address that with Pro Mag. Make sure you have each round inserted with its rim forward of the rim of the round below it.

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