Elzetta Bones 650 Lumen Tactical Light

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The Elzetta Bones 650 Lumen Tactical Light emits 650 brilliant lumens with a mere push of the button on the simple Click Tailcap.  The field-replaceable optical lens provides unsurpassed beam quality while fully potted electronics ensure unsurpassed durability.  Operates on two (2) CR123A batteries (included) or one 18650 rechargeable battery

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Elzetta Bones 650 Lumen Tactical Light

Elzetta Bones is a bare bones, no frills flashlight with legendary Elzetta performance and durability.  It generates 650 lumens in steady regulation with an optimum balance of throw and spill through its standard 7/8-inch thick optical lens (no reflector).  Operation is bone-simple.  There are no secondary modes and on/off is achieved via the push-button which operates like a common ballpoint pen.  The beam quality produced by the optical lens is superior to any reflector-based flashlight on the market and must be experienced to be fully appreciated.  Runtime is rated at 1.5 hours from two fresh CR123A batteries (included).  An 18650 rechargeable battery† may also be used (not included).  Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum with natural/gray‡ Type III hard anodizing for extreme hardness and long wear.  Fully potted electronics, another essential Elzetta advantage, keep circuit boards and solder joints sealed and secure.  Made in the USA by Americans.

Looking for an EDC Light? Try out the new Elzetta G-Line of rechargeable EDC lights here.

‡Some color variation is inherent in this process.  Slightly differing shades of gray and non-uniformity of finish are to be expected.

Rechargeable batteries should not be used for life-critical applications.  Elzetta does not sell nor endorse any particular rechargeable batteries.

Additional information

Output (Lumens) 650
Intensity (Candela) 9050
Beam Distance (meters) 190
Runtime (minutes) 90
Body Diameter (inches) 1.0
Bezel Diameter (inches) 1.45
Length (inches) 5.5
Weight (ounces) 6.0


This light offers typical quality of other top US made tactical flashlights. It is not overbuilt like its B&C brothers which are designed for extreme use……like dropping 300 feet onto concrete from a helicopter.

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6 reviews for Elzetta Bones 650 Lumen Tactical Light

  1. Anonymous

    This light is perfect. Simple is best most of the time and this light is simply the best.

  2. John (verified owner)

    The Bones is simplicity. In tight and tense situations, simple is good. Mash button, light turns on. Mash button again, light turns off. While not modular like the Bravo, the integrated head/body effectively eliminates
    one more mechanical interface that can go wrong. Having a choice between 2 cr123’s or one rechargeable 18650 is icing on the cake. I’ll also mention that the beam renders nice, natural color. For me, it’s the perfect light.

  3. Red Rum (verified owner)

    This Elzetta Bones light is everything I hoped for. Outstanding beam tint (better than even my torches with Nichia 219B LED’s), yet with an even mix of hot spot, corona and spill with adequate throw.
    Add the ability of choice between an 18650 or CR123’s and it’s a winner. Highly recommend

    the tail switch on my is not have a tactile sounding on or and/or off, but still not enough for me to deduct a star

  4. drummerboy2001 (verified owner)

    Top notch product. Pleasure doing business with this company. Will be purchasing another Elzetta light soon.

  5. Daniel (verified owner)

    Very durable, good looking and dependable, Elzetta flashlights have long been the industry’s best kept secret in tactical flashlights. Now you can get what is essentially a Bravo model with AVS head for a fraction of the price, that you don’t have to send off to a machinist just to take 18650 batteries. And the Bones delivers the goods.

    Beam quality is great. It’s a creamy, neutral white. The TIR lense produces an outstanding beam profile, with a bright hotspot for throw and a wall of even spill (better than any reflector I’ve seen anyway) and finally an Elzetta that takes 18650 batteries? What’s not to like?

    As far as I can tell, the AVS style head is permanently installed in the body of the Bones, and unlike Elzetta’s other offerings the Bones has a one piece body. So you won’t be able to mix and match anything except TIR lenses and bezels (Elzetta makes a flood lense). I have also heard that Elzetta’s other tailcaps like the hi/low and strobe models work, but I can’t confirm this and Elzetta states that they don’t (possibly just to encourage people to purchase the more expensive Bravo AVS for these options). I can confirm that the threads are Surefire compatible with a caveat: the Bones tailcap fit my Surefire M4 Devastator and functioned, but had a gap. The Surefire momentary tailcap on the other hand wouldn’t screw on to the Bones fully, or enough to function even. In that vein, the HAIII anodizing on the Bones was a near-perfect match to my Surefire KL6 head, though the M4 Devastator body is a little more brownish.

    When I bought this light I was trying to decide between a Surefire Peacekeeper and the Bones, and the decision became easy after I looked into some outstanding reviews on FlashlightGuide.com

    Essentially, the Bravo AVS (or Bones in this case) have a much better driver than the Surefire and the Elzetta lights can maintain a higher output for longer. When comparing the runtimes with various batteries the Elzetta curb-stomps the Surefire. With 2 123a batteries it was full output for about an hour with a taper to 20% at the 90 minute mark, while the Surefire won’t even hold 100% for 15 minutes, is down to 60% at the 60 minute mark, and 10% at the 90 minute mark, despite having a lower output lumen rating and a much cooler white beam. If you think that’s dramatic, wait until you see the runtime graphs on 18650’s! Spoiler alert: the Bones will produce 260 lumens at the 3 hour mark when using 3400 mah 18650’s! And yes, my 3400 mah protected flat tops – and button tops – fit fine. There is enough lateral room in the bore that I imagine even the biggest 18650’s will fit fine, though 3400 mah protected cells are the biggest I’ve got.

    I’ve been in law enforcement for over 10 years, and I am excited to add this light to my kit. A bit small for an underarm hold for ticket writing or other admin duties, this light is best for tactical uses like building searches.

    Elzetta does not recommend 18650 or other rechargeables for life-critical uses, and though I’ve never had any qualms doing so, full disclosure I’m also the guy that always has 2-3 flashlights on him. If you’re bent on using 18650 batteries in public safety, you could consider using “unprotected” cells that don’t have a low-voltage cutoff circuit built into the battery, thus eliminating that point of failure. Yes you risk damaging the cells by over discharging them, but in a one cell light with a voltage-reducing “buck” driver the led will dim before you get your battery too low.

    Get this light if you want to use 18650 batteries, like a creamy neutral tint with an optimised beam profile and you don’t need to lego your lights. Get the more expensive Surefire if you are a fanboy or want a cooler tint, dimmer beam with less runtime and Color Rendition Index.

    In short, Elzetta knocked this one out of the park. Surefire is finally competing with the output of the Chinese lights, and Elzetta is obviously a few generations ahead of them.

    Two thumbs up!

  6. Admin

    Thanks for the detailed review!

  7. natsg19 (verified owner)

    Simple no nonsense tactical flashlight! Installed a flood lens and fits perfectly.

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Elzetta Bones 650 Lumen Tactical LightElzetta Bones 650 Lumen Tactical Light
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