B&T Blast Deflector Rotex-V


The B&T Blast Deflector Rotex-V is designed to send short barreled muzzle blast forward during close quarters shooting or as a range curtesy.  The B&T Blast Deflector Rotex-V is designed to work with NATO spec flash hiders and is quick attach/detachable. the B&T Blast Deflector Rotex-V does not mitigate the sound signature of the rifle and works with calibers up to 30 Cal.

Color Note: The finish on this product is closer to a gray than tan. Please see Product gallery for additional pictures.

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B&T Blast Deflector Rotex-V

The B&T Blast Deflector ROTEX-V is the perfect solution to mitigating muzzle blast when operating in close quarters or when just trying to be a good range buddy.

The Brügger & Thomet Blast Deflector works with NATO Spec Bird Cage Flash Hiders (.223/5.56mm and/or.308/7.62 mm) and installs in less than a second.

The Brügger & Thomet Blast Deflector slows down the hot gases leaving the muzzle and prevents lateral dispersion. The B&T Blast Deflector does not reduce the sound signature of any firearms.

B&T Blast Deflector Rotex-V Specifications:

B&T Blast Deflector with glass breaker Rotex®-IIA

Article-no.: BT-122260

Caliber: .22 – .30 (5.56 mm – 7.62 mm)


Extending Length: 29 mm

Length: 97 mm

Diameter: 39 mm

Weight: 238 g

Material: High grade Steel

Remarks: not suitable for the APC-PDW

Surface treatment: sandblasted

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B&t Blast Deflector With Glass Breaker, Rotex-v Adaptor, Fits 5.56mm-7.62mm, Sandblasted Stainless Steel, Fits Birdcage Flash Hiders That Are Built To Nato Specifications Bt-122267

Model: Blast Deflector
Product Type: Blast Diverter
Finish/Color: Stainless Steel
Fit: NATO Spec Bird Cage Flash Hiders
Caliber: 5.56MM

Weight 0.69 lbs







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Product Type

Blast, Diverter


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