Product Highlight: LALO Tactical Boots

The United States military issues a standard brand of combat boot to service members as part of their required uniforms. The quality of issued boots, however, does not answer to the needs of every service member. Where their standard equipment fails, service members are allowed to purchase and wear alternative items.

Among those alternatives, LALO tactical boots are some of the most popular.

Standard-issue boots lack the high-quality materials and construction that make LALO tactical boots popular among U.S. military special tactics and special forces groups. Plus, they aren’t made for all-weather terrain coverage, a feature which LALO boots continue to improve.

What Makes LALO Different?

The company didn’t begin making footwear for everyone. At first, the focus was on producing tactical boots that offered better protection than standard military issue boots for Special Operations forces and NSW operators. Because the initial designs were so successful, designers and developers were able to secure the funding necessary to continue research and put out even more well-developed products.

Once military members began to rely on LALO to fill the gap between standard issue and elite military footwear, the company looked to the country that their clientele defended for growth. The challenge became crafting combat boots and shoes that anyone could use to take on physical challenges as well as the everyday.

The result has been a fusion of superior tactical boot features and the comfort of athletic footwear. It’s a match that hasn’t been easy to achieve for the designing and producing teams at LALO. And because they have achieved success continuing to push the boundaries of tactical footwear, LALO won’t stop looking for ways to improve.

Can Anyone Use LALO Tactical Boots?

Yes – though LALO tactical boots are specially-built for use in deployed locations by highly trained and skills operatives, they can also be used to take on life’s greatest adventures by anyone with the will to succeed.

Tactical boot features such as the drainage system help ease the burden of conquering terrain for such athletes as hikers and mountain climbers. The same goes for the fast-dry components of the boots – which holds doubly true for those who participate in very high-risk activities.

One of the greatest advantages to outdoor adventurers and tactical gear enthusiasts is the extreme light weight of LALO combat boots. Keeping the weight of materials low while expanding on the durability of construction has allowed LALO tactical boots to find uses among such hobbyists and professionals as hunters and tactical technique trainers.

Some of the newest offerings from LALO, such as the Shadow Amphibian, can even excel in multiple environments, including air, land, and water. Their rip-stop construction prevents permanent damage while traversing especially difficult terrain, and their water resistance shields users from vulnerabilities to wetness as well as weakening of construction materials.

The LALO Shadow Intruder is a more classic option with fewer all-terrain features than the amphibian. However, it remains the new standard for LALO tactical boot construction and performs better than standard-issue boots in water and rocky terrain.

Outdoor athletes and enthusiasts are missing out if they haven’t made a tactical boot part of their standard gear set. And if you’re thinking of adding them to your repertoire, it wouldn’t hurt to start with one of the most fully-realized tactical boots in the United States from the LALO tactical boot family.

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