MTG COVID 19 Shipping Update


Looks like last night a bunch of orders shipped out from our distributor bringing them up to the 26th.  Still a few from the 24th marked as shipped but no tracking 🤷.  Some of you will be receiving split orders with muzzle devices and Surefire Wardens shipping separately. FDE Wardens will ship out by the weekend and we may have a few extras due to cancelations so be on the lookout!  We will be shipping Glock 44 barrels soon as well.

UPDATE: There is a small….. chance that all outstanding Surefire Wardens will ship by Saturday including recent orders of the black model  😬


Not much change since yesterday. We do expect all FDE Surefire Wardens to arrive today and they will be shipping out By Saturday.  Expect tracking numbers over the next few days.

😃 yesterday we shipped out tons of Surefire Wardens in both black and FDE. We were able to ship everything through the 20th and at least one order from the 21st.  Our next batch of FDE Wardens should be here Thursday and that will have us caught up with all FDE Warden orders by Friday we hope. The distributor is working on orders from the 21st today and may get into the 22nd 21st – 25th. Our current stock of black Wardens (less than 5 left) is part of our order from the 26th so we should see tracking numbers going our in 8 days or less.


We expect to have the majority of the early (12th-15th) Warden orders shipped by close of business today. Tracking number on the FDE wardens shows arrival by COB and packing materials are the same.  The distributor is showing processing (orders that they ship for us) for the 50/20/20 timeframe and beyond.  Many of you will probably receive your packages before you receive your tracking. For those that haven’t we will receive tracking numbers en batch tonight and forward to you in the am. Surefire Wardens in black are no longer a 2 week wait and we have a few left.  They will ship when that batch arrives at the shop in a week or so. Hope this helps. Please wait to reach out regarding your order until tomorrow am as a large number of orders will process in the following 12 hours or less.


We received an encouraging email from our sales rep outlining the progress being made with shipping times.  Last three day weekend we saw a huge jump in tracking numbers and he felt that the distributor would be making up time this weekend as well. Currently, we believe orders from the 20th will have tracking numbers by Monday night/Tuesday morning.  No guarantees and it may be even better than that.  Today we expect a large shipment of FDE Surefire Wardens which will allow us to finish of a lot of orders from the 12-15th range.  Monday we receive packing materials and its game on!  Thanks for all the support and we are happy to respond to customers interested in specific timeframes for their products but we would ask that you use the chat box and provide enough information that we can follow up.  Both Mike and I work full time with other careers and we do our level best but our day jobs demand first attention and rightly so.  Thanks! Don’t forget to check out the new items we have in from Strike Industries they are in our shop and ship out with normal ship times.


We have been shipping a ton of Surefire Wardens and actually ran out of packing materials.  We are working on sourcing more and have more boxes arriving Monday.  The distributor is processing separately from the 15th and a few customers will get tracking numbers tonight.  Please email order status questions!

Strike Industries products ship same/next day as do Vendetta VP-24 Hand Stops and MTG Tactical M-LOK Panels 


Our first Surefire Warden orders have shipped!  Otherwise, the distributor is working on 05/13 & 14 today. We expect a Surefire Warden shipment in tonight (Black)  and another Saturday (mostly FDE).  We are pretty excited to finally have these going out!


Some surefire warden customers will see tracking numbers in the morning! We are seeing our bulk orders and some individual orders from 05/12/20 shipping today.  This means Surefire Warden orders are finally going to ship!  Expect a new batch of stock to come in and get shipped after that.  Thanks for the patience!


We just heard from our rep that our first order of FDE and Black Wardens are shipping tomorrow or the next day (hopefully).  Currently the distributor is shipping orders from the 11th. Of this month. That means those of you who ordered around the 12th -15th should see tracking numbers by the end of the week hopefully. Fingers crossed.  We should be receiving in new shipments every other day after that and they will ship out in the order that you purchased them.  We do have a few cancelations here and there and we are prioritizing that inventory towards existing customers waiting so you may have a shorter wait.


seeing orders placed on April 6th and possibly 7th shipping today.

Seeing orders from April 30th May 1st 4th processing today! Almost appears that they are up to two days progress each day. So extrapolate that out and assume that efficiency will improve as well.


We expect to see tracking numbers go out tonight for orders placed on April 26-27.  If you ordered SIG optics they come to us first so it’s a little longer. 


Still no delays for Elzetta made in the USA flashlights, C&G Holsters,  and MTG/Black Sheep Warrior Gear some Chase Tactical Gear has long wait times due to materials being backordered. Chase armor is staying pretty steady and always takes a few weeks or more.

This morning we started seeing 04/26/20 orders enter “processing” status at our distributor. We anticipate that means a Monday/Tuesday ship date. If you ordered a SIG product then it is shipping to us first so you wont receive a tracking number as soon.

Thanks for all the patience!


From our distributor:

“Right now we are still in a delay but we are making progress. Warehouse is currently shipping from the 21st, 22ndand 23rd of April which puts up around the 17/18 days behind. With the restrictions being lifted, we have been able to ship more and are making some additional changes to help push more out the door to get caught up”.


We continue to see improvements in shipping times! Currently, orders placed on through April 16th are processing/shipping.


We expect to see a significant increase in shipping confirmation emails today and moving forward.  Prior to today, we were seeing one order completed a day.  It appears that orders processed before 04/07/20 should ship out and receive tracking numbers tonight. Crossing fingers!

Thanks for your patience.

MTG Team


We are continuing to see shipping delays in orders for products that have part numbers starting in “RR”.  There are no delays for Elzetta made in the USA flashlights, C&G Holsters,  and MTG/Black Sheep Warrior Gear.


Hello everyone and we sincerely pray that you are staying healthy and surviving these tough times.

Here at MTG Tactical we have been staying healthy and so far the only impact has been to our ship times on some products.

This is what you should know before ordering:

  1. Some of our products are shipped by distributors and manufacturers. These products are seeing different impacts from COVID-19
    1. Items with “RR” preceding the product number (EXAMPLE: RRYHM-HTP-85) are supplied and shipped from a major US tactical distributor and shipped directly to your door.  These products are currently experiencing a 10-15 day shipping delay.  The items are not backordered but due to COVID-19 restrictions on Texas businesses the warehouse is way behind. We do have some RR labeled Tread accessories that are in stock and ready to go as they are on our Montana home business shelves. The TREAD Handstop Kit and the SIG Barricade Stop Kit. 
    2. C & G Quick Ship Holsters are shipping out quickly as usual. Shop C & G Holsters here
    3. MTG 3 Slot MLOK Panels and Vendetta VP-24 hand stops etc are shipping out same/next day
    4. Chase Tactical accessories are shipped from Chase and inventory levels are very low, unfortunately we are not able to predict these so we inform you immediately upon hearing back from Chase Tactical.

Remember, you can always use the chat box (preferred method) to ask about inventory before ordering.

Thanks for your understanding in these difficult times.  Still not as difficult as WWI, WWII and the Holocaust so let’s keep it all in perspective.

The MTG Tactical Team!

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