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Product Highlight: Elzetta Flashlights

Self defense incidents and battles don’t happen only during the day. They don’t wait for a convenient time to begin and end. Your enemy knows the value of concealing operators in the dark, and you should, too.

Luckily, we live in the 21st century. We have access to advanced USA engineered lighting technology for nighttime operations that, when used correctly, give us a remarkable advantage on any field of operation. Military, police, and first response all rely on tactical flashlights to complete their daily operations.

That’s why made in the USA Elzetta Flashlights have put the necessary time and resources into creating long-lasting, option-heavy, high-lumen flashlights for use by operators law enforcement and hardworking men and women alike.

Elzetta Flashlights – Made to Be Used Outside

Your household flashlight is ready to bend, break, or quit at its first exposure to the elements. It’s one of the weaknesses of traditional flashlights that Elzetta made sure did not affect their light technology. But they didn’t stop there; Elzetta flashlights enjoy superior construction and long-lasting power.

Aluminum Construction

Aluminum has a surprising number of advantages when used in the design of tactical gear such as flashlights. Elzetta chose aluminum for its:

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Airtightness
  • Durability
  • Resistance to corrosion

The material is well known for its receptiveness to polish, which makes each flashlight look stylish while retaining its functionality. Even after taking many impacts, the aluminum keeps its shape well, and you can return it to something close to its original luster with a standard cleaning.

Aluminum also helps keep flashlights super lightweight. Of all your accessories, flashlights should be some of the least obtrusive. Elzetta achieves nearly unnoticeable weight with the help of aluminum construction.

Potted Electronics

The electronics are organized and built with potting to help make flashlights resistant to vibration and shock. In active operations, you’re likely to be moving from standing to prone often, and your flashlight will probably take a beating. Potting electronics prevents regular use from compromising the ability of the electronic components to function correctly.

Water Resistance

An Elzetta flashlight is prepared to spend time underwater up to 10 meters. That’s pretty deep. You could equip yourself with an Elzetta tactical flashlight and swim deep enough for reasonable concealment, then resurface and use your flashlight.

That’s a notable advantage in a real battlefield or rescue situation. Few flashlights can claim the same water resistance, which gives you a light advantage in the rain, as well.

Tons of Options

Not many flashlights can claim that they give you options, either. Rechargeable Elzetta flashlights come equipped with tail cap options for strobing light and intensity adjustment. You can customize signals amongst your military unit or create a safety system with flashlights alongside your hiking or mountain biking crew.

Having lighting options available opens your world to a wealth of nighttime operations that are otherwise too dangerous and risky.

No-Compromise Lighting

Handheld, lightweight, adjustable Elzetta flashlights are hard to beat in the tactical gear market. At their lowest settings, they can last over a day, and at their highest, they last long enough to safely complete most operations. Rechargeable batteries make it easy to keep them with you wherever you go.

Take on the darkness; add a military-ready Elzetta flashlight to your tactical gear setup.

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