Blackhawk Foundation Series

Blackhawk Foundation Series Gear

To understand the new Blackhawk Foundation Series you have to understand where Blackhawk has been and hopefully where it is going……..

The Foundation Line appears to be BlackHawk’s awakening moment, and finally we have a modern take on the legendary Blackhawk quality.

Blackhawk Ind.

When you hear the name Blackhawk Ind. you immediately get taken back to the good old days of blackwater OA6 little birds scooting over the streets of Bagdad, the days of nylon drop leg holsters swinging in the wind way too low and who could forget the BlackHawk Omega vest?

But those days are over, and the Blackhawk Foundation Series promises to bring a new era……

Introducing the Blackhawk Foundation Series of Tactical Nylon Gear.

The Blackhawk Foundation Series tactical nylon gear was re-designed from the ground up to be lightweight, durable with every feature thought through down to the very last stitch……or lack thereof.

In fact, the BlackHawk Foundation gear is principally made from laser cut 1000D and 500D laminate material that resists tearing and fading. Add in the fact that Foundation Series nylon gear is super lightweight and you have a modern tactical nylon series of gear worth looking at.

All Blackhawk Foundation nylon gear is made to work seamlessly together. Whether you are building a plate carrier, chest rig or duty belt, the system is interchangeable and mission scaleable for OCONUS and CONUS operations.

The series components revolve around three pieces of foundational gear:

The foundation plate carrier is lightweight due to its laser cut materials. The plate carrier features a seamless integration with Blackhawks ever expanding lineup of Foundation Series gear such as tourniquet pouches, mag pouches, interchangeable placards and much more.

The Blackhawk Foundation Chest Rig is an all new lightweight, super durable tactical chest rig from a brand you know and trust.  Black Hawk has re-invented the chest rig using laser cut 100D and 500D laminate material.

The Blackhawk Foundation Battle Belt works in conjunction with the Foundation Inner Belt to provide the end user with a super comfortable and stable molle battle belt that is at home on the battlefield or the streets of Chicago.

Build on the Foundation With Accessories

Laser cut material reduces the amount of stitching required when manufacturing the chest rig. This is important because stitching can be a fail point on tactical gear and the last thing you want is a gear failure during your next mission.

All BlackHawk Foundation nylon is designed to work seamlessly together using modern laser cut construction that provides superior strength in a modern combat profile.

This Isn’t Your Daddy’s Tactical Nylon……

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