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We’re original. Real. Avid. At the core, that’s who we are. Our day jobs are just a way to support our shooting habit. We live for it and love finding ways to make the experience better. Our Mission: Solve real problems for real hunters and shooters, by giving them hard-working products that are inventive, highly capable and totally unique. The world doesn’t need more general-purpose multi-tools. Hunters don’t use corkscrews. We are devotees of the “core” shooting sports experience. Hungry. Never satisfied. Always hunting for a better way. The inspiration behind everything we make comes from the same thing that makes you a little crazy — life off the grid. Original isn’t something you become. There’s no school for it. No manual to read. You can’t steal it or buy it on the nearest street corner. You either are or you aren’t. carries all of the Real Avid products at great prices!

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